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Florida death penalty opponents protest the execution of Donald Dillbeck

Opponents of the death penalty gathered on Thursday night to protest the execution of convicted murderer Donald Dillbeck.
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Florida executes Dillbeck for 1990 murder

In Florida’s first execution since 2019, Donald David Dillbeck was put to death by lethal injection at 6:13 p.m. Thursday.
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Supreme Court refuses to block execution of Florida man whose attorneys say has intellectual disabilities

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the scheduled execution of Donald Dillbeck, setting the stage for Florida's first execution since 2019.

Florida Supreme Court refuses to block execution

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday rejected appeals by a Death Row inmate who is scheduled to be executed next week.
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Stay sought in scheduled Florida execution

Attorneys for convicted murderer Donald David Dillbeck requested that the Florida Supreme Court issue a stay of execution.
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Lawyers for Florida death row inmate fail to convince another man to testify to his innocence

A man on Florida’s death row was unsuccessful Thursday in getting another man to testify that he is innocent of the crime he was sentenced for. James Dailey is on death row, convicted of murder...
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Is Florida death row inmate James Dailey innocent?

James Dailey is on death row for the 1985 murder in Pinellas County of 14-year-old Shelly Boggio; another man was also convicted of the murder who says he acted alone. In October WMNF interviewed an...
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“Florida is about to execute an innocent man,” says attorney

“Florida is about to execute an innocent man.” That’s what an attorney with the federal public defender’s office told WMNF News. It’s also the position of the Innocence Project. James Dailey is scheduled to be...

David R Dow & Phoebe Coco on Life Elsewhere

He is a lawyer working on death row inmate appeals. Earlier in his career, he admits to being firmly in favor of capital punishment. His exposure to “the degrading of human life” on death row,...
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Two bills would end death penalty in Florida

There are two bills in the Florida Legislature to end the use of capital punishment; but the anti-death penalty bills face an uphill battle in the Republican-controlled Legislature. To talk about all issues of the...
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Opponents death penalty hold vigils before scheduled Florida execution

The State of Florida is set to execute a death-row prisoner Thursday evening; it would be the 28th execution under Governor Rick Scott, and several vigils are planned in the Tampa Bay area. Mark Elliott...
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UPDATED: Man released from death row will lead Pinellas execution vigil

Update: The “August 14th Florida execution of Jose Jimenez has just been stayed by the Florida Supreme Court,” according to FADP. On Tuesday, August 14, the state of Florida plans to execute a death row...

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