Florida wetlands

A Judge says the shift from EPA to Florida in permitting wetlands impacts violates the Endangered Species Act

A judge ruled that federal officials did not follow required steps when shifting permitting authority to Florida for projects impacting wetlands
Scales of Justice Law

Earthjustice attorney talks about “Two Years of Overruling Trump” in court

The nonprofit group EarthJustice has put out a report on its more than 100 lawsuits against the Trump administration. It’s called “Two Years of Overrulling Trump” and outlines efforts for EarthJustice to push back against weakening...
TECO power plant in Apollo Beach Florida burns coal and releases water vapor plus greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change

Environmental lawyer decries rollback of coal ash regulation

In July the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a rule that rolls back Obama-era regulations on a toxic waste product from burning coal. The rule change was being lobbied for by the energy industry, which...

Environmental Attorney discusses Algae Bloom that is devastating Florida’s Treasure Coast

By Rob Lorei On Midpoint Wednesday, we discussed the massive algae bloom that is choking Florida’s east coast with thick, toxic green sludge. It is believed that the bloom is being caused by agricultural fertilizers...

Despite public outcry, confederate history group will continue to fly flag in Hillsborough

Despite public outcry, confederate history group will continue to fly flag in Hillsborough

Environmental law organization fights to protect farm worker rights

Today on Radioactivity speaks with Andrea Delgado, Legislative Representative at Earthjustice, who is fighting to get protection for farmworkers who are exposed to pesticides.

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