Endangered Species Act


Environmental groups could sue the feds for delays in determining if manatees are reclassified as endangered

In 2022 the groups asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reclassify manatees from a threatened species to an endangered species.
Florida wetlands

Environmental groups oppose a stay in the fight over wetlands permitting in Florida

Environmental groups argue that Florida's request for a stay would “create confusion and perpetuate violations” of the Endangered Species Act.
Florida wetlands

A Judge says the shift from EPA to Florida in permitting wetlands impacts violates the Endangered Species Act

A judge ruled that federal officials did not follow required steps when shifting permitting authority to Florida for projects impacting wetlands

Feds will review protections for manatees, including a possible endangered species re-listing

Federal wildlife officials will consider whether manatees should be classified as an endangered species, pointing to the loss of seagrass.

Sawfish found in Cedar Key, Florida could be evidence of ‘Endangered Species Act working’

A sawfish sighting in early June off the coast of Cedar Key, Florida suggests the endangered species might be rebounding.
Rice's whale Or Gulf Of Mexico Whale (NOAA)

Florida Ports Council CEO warns that proposed changes to protect the endangered Rice’s whale could harm ports from Tampa to Pensacola

Florida Ports CEO warns that proposed changes to protect the endangered Rice's whale could harm ports including Port Tampa Bay.
Endangered Species Act threatened Florida fish, Nassau grouper

Environmental groups sue feds to protect Nassau grouper habitat in Florida, elsewhere

Three conservation organizations have sued the federal government for not protecting the nearshore habitat for a threatened fish, the Nassau grouper. The groups say the Nassau grouper is threatened by pollution, ocean acidification, sea-level rise...
Florida panther

How will Florida species like manatee and panther be impacted by Endangered Species Act changes?

On Monday the Trump administration revised how it would enforce the Endangered Species Act. Environmentalists warned that it could mean fewer protections for plants and animals in danger of going extinct – at the same...

Environmental ethics and morality of shark fin harvesting

Some of the ocean’s top predators are facing massive population crashes-and human may be to blame. An environmental activist is urging law students to help him fight for the survival of hammerhead sharks. Yesterday at...

Environmentalist Randall Arauz recounts his fight to ban shark fin harvesting

Randall Arauz is an environmental activist hailing from Costa Rica. He has been instrumental in his crusade to ban the shark fin harvesting industry around the world. In 2010 he was awarded the Goldman Environmental...

Two Florida corals have federal blueprint for recovery

Two Florida corals have federal blueprint for recovery

Endangered Species Act will protect 20 coral species

Endangered Species Act will protect 20 species of coral

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