Florida wetlands

The judge nails down his decision in the case over Florida wetlands permitting

A U.S. district judge finalized his rejection of a 2020 move by the federal government to shift wetlands permitting authority to Florida.

Clean Air Tampa Bay: EPA Grants $1M to Combat Climate Change and Protect Vulnerable Communities

Learn about the $250,000 grant from NOAA to Tampa Bay, empowering small businesses to tackle climate change.
Florida wetlands

The fight over wetlands permitting in Florida flares up in Congress

Supporters of Florida keeping permitting authority for projects that affect wetlands are trying a different tack: Put it in federal law.
Florida wetlands

Florida seeks to speed up a case on wetlands permitting authority

Florida asked a federal judge to speed up a final ruling in a high-stakes case about permitting authority for projects that affect wetlands.
Florida wetlands

Environmental groups oppose a stay in the fight over wetlands permitting in Florida

Environmental groups argue that Florida's request for a stay would “create confusion and perpetuate violations” of the Endangered Species Act.
Florida wetlands

A Judge says the shift from EPA to Florida in permitting wetlands impacts violates the Endangered Species Act

A judge ruled that federal officials did not follow required steps when shifting permitting authority to Florida for projects impacting wetlands
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The Scoop: Wed., February 14, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Florida environmental groups have warned that they will file a lawsuit against the U.S. EPA over the regulation of phosphate-industry waste.
Florida wetlands

How will Supreme Court’s Sackett v EPA decision impact Florida wetlands and development?

The recent Sackett v EPA decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could have a major impact on wetlands across the country and in Florida.

Tampa Bay gets EPA grant money to help environment

Listen: Disadvantaged areas in the Tampa Bay area are set to receive money for environmental improvements because of a series of measures passed during the Biden administration. These grants provide a wide range of benefits...

Looking back at a 2009 WMNF story: New EPA lead standards may affect East Tampa company

UPDATE: this story originally published August 20, 2009 by Seán Kinane / WMNF News. We’re republishing this now because a new report from the Tampa Bay Times found hundreds of workers have been exposed to...
Clean Water Rule

Wetlands scientists support states’ lawsuit to save Clean Water Rule

Several states are suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for putting on hold an Obama-era rule to protect wetlands and waterways. And this month an organization of wetlands...
USF Weatherbird marine science ship

St. Petersburg will March for Science on Saturday

This Saturday in Washington, D.C. is a national March for Science, and there are local marches as well; Sean spoke with two people helping out with the March for Science in St. Petersburg, Florida on Monday’s...

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