Florida wetlands

The fight over Florida wetlands permitting authority will continue for months

An appeals court battle about permitting authority for Florida projects that affect wetlands will not be resolved until late this year.
wetlands in Florida

Feds are still weighing whether to appeal a ruling on wetlands permitting in Florida

A U.S. district judge ruled that the federal government improperly shifted permitting authority to Florida for projects that affect wetlands.
Florida springs

Environmental groups ask the feds to set Florida water quality standards for algae bloom toxins

A coalition asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to set water-quality standards for toxins from algae blooms in Florida.
Everglades wetlands

Florida seeks a fast track for its wetlands permitting case

Florida has asked a court for “expedited” consideration of a legal battle about permitting authority for projects that affect wetlands.
TECO power plant in Apollo Beach Florida burns coal and releases water vapor plus greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change

Florida joins a legal challenge against a new EPA rule to reduce power plant carbon pollution that is contributing to global warming

Florida and two dozen other states filed a legal challenge to a new U.S. Environmental Protection rule aimed at reducing carbon emissions.
Florida wetlands

Florida seeks a stay in its wetlands permitting fight

Florida has asked a federal appeals court to put on hold a district judge’s ruling about wetlands permitting authority.

Treating Tampa Bay’s “Forever Chemicals” in Our Drinking Water

The EPA has recently set limits on PFAS hazardous "forever chemicals" in our drinking water supply. Find out from our local water quality experts how our water utilities plan to remove PFAS from our drinking...
Florida wetlands

The judge nails down his decision in the case over Florida wetlands permitting

A U.S. district judge finalized his rejection of a 2020 move by the federal government to shift wetlands permitting authority to Florida.

Clean Air Tampa Bay: EPA Grants $1M to Combat Climate Change and Protect Vulnerable Communities

Learn about the $250,000 grant from NOAA to Tampa Bay, empowering small businesses to tackle climate change.
Florida wetlands

The fight over wetlands permitting in Florida flares up in Congress

Supporters of Florida keeping permitting authority for projects that affect wetlands are trying a different tack: Put it in federal law.
Florida wetlands

Florida seeks to speed up a case on wetlands permitting authority

Florida asked a federal judge to speed up a final ruling in a high-stakes case about permitting authority for projects that affect wetlands.
Florida wetlands

Environmental groups oppose a stay in the fight over wetlands permitting in Florida

Environmental groups argue that Florida's request for a stay would “create confusion and perpetuate violations” of the Endangered Species Act.

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