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Local conservatives outraged about City of Venice’s Pride Festival

Local conservatives are outraged about the City of Venice’s Pride Festival last weekend in Sarasota County. 
LGBTQ Pride Parade

Tampa Pride Diversity Parade 2022

The Tampa Pride Diversity Parade and festival took over Ybor City the last weekend of March; many held signs that said, “we say gay.”

MidPoint: Say Gay, Celebrate Pride

As the state of Florida waits for the "Don't Say Gay" bill to pass into law with the signature of Gov. DeSantis, the push-back has been loud. On MidPoint this week, host Shelley Reback, along...

St. Pete Pride expects 200,000 for Saturday’s 2018 LGBTQ+ parade

This week is St. Pete Pride, one of the South’s largest LGBTQ+ celebrations; the Tampa Bay Times reports that police are investigating threats against the Pride weekend posted on social media. To find out what...

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