Hillsborough County Classroom Teachers Association

MidPoint: Labor Pains

Florida legislature tries to bust the teachers' unions.

If Hillsborough Schools are overspending, union says cut tech, not teachers

Hillsborough County School District Superintendent Addison Davis says some schools are living beyond their means and staffing cuts have to be made. But Davis is getting pushback as some say teachers should take precedence over...

Teachers’ union opposes Florida Legislature’s school safety & guns bill

The Florida Legislature’s is voting this week on what’s being described as a school safety bill. There’s a lot of gun legislation in there as well. The Florida Senate discussed the school safety legislation Monday...
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Hillsborough teachers not impressed with bonus offer

Teachers in Hillsborough County are still in labor negotiations with the school district, including for promised pay raises. To find out where things stand after what the teachers consider a weak proposal this week, WMNF...

Teachers, students & allies want better deal for teachers

On MidPoint our guests talk about public schools, the pay and working conditions of teachers, and students who walked out of class to support teachers. Hillsborough County public school teachers and their supporters plan to...

Grassroots organizations move forward on new transportation coalition for Hillsborough County

A diverse collection of organizations want to provide a blueprint for better transportation in Hillsborough County.

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