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The Role of Class in American Politics

How Genuine are American Politicians in Their Attempts at Relating to Rural White Voters? Host Rob Lorei spoke with an author who says that understanding class is essential to understanding American history. Rob’s guest says...

Legal Scholar Says Firing of Comey Proves Need for Special Prosecutor

Host Rob Lorei spoke with Stetson law professor Louis Virelli to discuss FBI Director James Comey’s firing and President Trump’s suggestion that he might have recorded Comey during their White House meeting. Earlier this week, the...
USF Trump Science

USF panel on “Science Under Attack” in Trump era

Our first guests are part of a panel discussion Monday afternoon at the University of South Florida called “Science Under Attack,” which looks at the role of science under the administration of President Donald Trump. Listen...

Women’s Show 11/3 – FIVE DAYS and Counting…..

Photo by DonkeyHotey Just when you thought this election couldn’t get any stranger…..who knows? Not only has this election been brutal on all of us, it is getting brutal on our constitution and the accountability...

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