How a tiny non-profit startup broke the year’s biggest Florida politics story

Barbara Petersen, executive director of the Florida Center for Government Accountability, appeared on WMNF WaveMakers.
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Barbara Petersen

The life of Pablo 🚨

6/20 MarqRich and the team discuss TheTitan/ Near death experiences Jordan sells / j.Cole gets a percentage Who foots the bill in the dating period of a relationship…what’s the split on bills when you’re with...

The Life Elsewhere Valentines Special 2022

To explore this funny ol’ thing we call love, six distinguished and talented guests were invited to answer two seemingly simple questions: 1. What Is Love? 2. What Is Your Favorite Love Song? Our guests...

Two Questions About Love

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when Hallmark cards make most of their money for the whole year, red roses are sold for extortionate prices and we all get misty-eyed and serenade beautiful...

The Food Of Dictators. The Music Of Love.

Imagine you have the task of cooking meals for a dictator? What was Pol Pot eating while two million Cambodians were dying of hunger? Did Idi Amin really eat human flesh? And why was Fidel...

Three Questions About Love on Life Elsewhere

What is Love? How do you know you are in Love? Do you have a favorite Love song? Next on Life Elsewhere, The Valentine’s Day Special a distinguished panel of guests will answer Three Questions...

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