Hillsborough County Public Schools receives $2 million

Listen: US Congress member Kathy Castor announced $2 million of grant money for Hillsborough County Public Schools at the Bowers/Whitley Building Construction Academy. The money comes from two grants: federal funds from this year and...

11.22.21 Dr. Fred hosts Health & Nutrition – Brain Fog and ADD

Join Dr. Fred as he discussed Brain Fog and Attention Deficit Disorder. Many people complain that they have some difficulty with focus and concentration. There is a widely misused and overdiagnosed label called ADHD used...

11.15.21 Dr. Fred hosts Health & Nutrition – Diabetes Spectrum Metabolic problems and treatment

Dr. Fred Harvey discusses Diabetes Spectrum Metabolic problems and treatment. Diabetes is a disorder of sugar metabolism in the body. It has devastating health effects when it is not controlled. Insulin is the principal hormone...

Health & Nutrition with Dr. Fred Harvey – Cold & Flu Season

Join Dr. Fred as he covers Covid-19 updates and discusses cold and flu season. Every Monday 10am, Dr. Fred answers email quesitons and listener calls relating to health and wellness.

Residents and panelists discuss medical marijuana in South St. Petersburg

A forum in South St. Petersburg last night brought together panelists who support and oppose the legalization of marijuana for medical use in Florida.

Can Florida hospitals afford more medical refugees from Haiti?

According to a spokesperson for Tampa International Airport, two flights arrived in Tampa earlier this week to deliver 36 seriously injured earthquake victims from Haiti. But the economic impact of the influx of Haitians is...

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