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UPDATE: Before she was in trouble for racism: In 2012 presidential candidate Roseanne Barr answered calls from Tampa Bay listeners

Update from May 30, 2018 – On October 31, 2012 WMNF’s Seán Kinane interviewed presidential candidate Roseanne Barr days before the election. Barr has been in the news this last week of May, 2018, after...

Thursday MidPoint with CNN political analyst Kevin Madden & Planned Parenthood’s Anna Eskamani

CNN political analyst Kevin Madden talked about the Donald Trump campaign, as we approach the Republican National Convention next month. Madden served as national press secretary for Mitt Romney’s presidential runs in 2007-2008 and 2011-2012....

Trump pulls out all the stops at Tampa rally

Donald Trump’s Tampa visit was full of rhetoric and low on details. The Trump Train made a whistle stop at The Tampa Convention Center, last Saturday. The media savvy, GOP firebrand, berated his critics to...

Economist Explains Why American Voters Are So Angry; Mitt Romney denounces Trump

By Rob Lorei On Thursday’s Radioactivity, our first guest is noble prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who says that much of the anger expressed by voters during this election cycle stems from growing wealth inequality even as...

GOP presidential candidates debate in Tampa

More than 100 tea party groups attended. Candidates were fired up and ready to answer questions from the Tea Party, while seeking their support on their path to the White House.

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