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The FCC killed net neutrality. What’s next?

The FCC has killed net neutrality; we look at what’s next — we hear what two FCC Commissioners said just before their vote, our guest in the studio talked about next steps for people who...

July 12 was the Net Neutrality Day of Action {UPDATED}

FCC Commissioners are set to vote on Net Neutrality this Thursday. The Commission will likely vote along party lines – 3 yes repeal votes from the Rs and 2 no repeal votes from the Ds....

Women’s Show 11/30 We are under Attack: Borosage on Tax Reform & McSherry on Net Neutrality

Make no bones about it, the people of this country are being attacked.  I wouldn’t worry so much about Russia.  I would worry about the Trump administration and his allies in DC.  First, Tax Reform. ...

From a Woman’s POV 5/11-Assaults on Democracy and Net Neutrality

Trump…Trump…Trump…the Trumps are Marching…  The assaults on our democracy are coming like machine gun fire – the  separation of church and state.  Last week on National Prayer Day, the president signed a “religious freedom” executive...

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