New Year’s Eve

Sarasota County Commission backtracks on decision to cut funding for childcare, low income services

Listen: In a controversial move last month, the Sarasota County Commission cut funding for various social service programs, including childcare and homeless services. But now,...
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Human Rights of The Incarcerated

A slate of panelist for the upcoming criminal justice summit joins in as we discuss a host of issues facing prisons. The panelist include ex-offender...
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New College of Florida’s business plan is “not financially viable” according to a UF business school professor

UF business faculty: A business plan outlining sweeping changes at New College of Florida is “not financially viable” in its current state.
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New College of Florida

The Scoop: Fri., September 29, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Supreme Court term limits There’s a new effort to set term limits for U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Former congressional candidate Alan Cohn is with the...
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The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

The Incarceration Nation

Alexandra Bailey calls in to the Forum to discuss efforts to end mass incarceration in federal prison. She talks about the bipartisan First Step Act...
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Judge upholds a Florida law turning over the Gainesville utility to a state-appointed board

A circuit judge rejected a challenge by the city of Gainesville to a new Florida law overhauling control of the Gainesville municipal utility.
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Transit agencies offering free rides on New Years Eve

The following Transit Services will be offering free rides to guests on New Years Eve. A few of them will be offering services New Years Day.
Tampa streetcar

Ride the Tampa streetcar for free on New Year’s Eve

If you plan on partying on New Year’s Eve in downtown Tampa or Ybor City and you think it might not be smart to drive, you might consider the streetcar. The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit...

Radioactivity takes a break from politics with the Capitol Steps New Year’s Eve special

Radioactivity takes a break from politics with the Capitol Steps New Year's Eve special

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