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PragerU: Would you let your kids see it?

Florida’s Department of Education recently announced the approval of “supplemental teaching materials” from PragerU. In the announcement, state education officials maintained that the new K-12 curriculum from “PragerU Kids,” aligns with Florida’s “revised civics and...
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Parents supporting mask mandates speak out before Pinellas School Board meeting

The Pinellas County School Board meets Tuesday afternoon. In Pinellas, masks are recommended in schools, but not required.

As Florida schools open, teachers and staff prepare for a new life in and out of the classroom

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Lakewood High School math teacher Melissa Ostrowski loves her family and her students. In a normal year, she’d see her sister and 2-year-old niece at least once...
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Pinellas Schools move forward with virtual and in-person reopening

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources On Tuesday, the Pinellas County School Board held an in-person workshop to review reopening plans. The district is set to welcome students back to in-person learning on...
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Pinellas Schools prepare for in-person classes and online options

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources On Tuesday, Florida confirmed 132 deaths due to COVID-19, a one-day record for the state. The Pinellas County School Board seems to be moving full steam ahead...

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