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Responding to Food Insecurity in Florida with Gulf Coast JFCS

It’s Thanksgiving time and our thoughts turn to food and those who may not have it. Our friends from Gulf Coast JFCS joined us to...
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East Tampa doctor transforms former nightclub into wellness center

On Monday, a new wellness hub opened in the site of a former nightclub. It will offer a pharmacy, family health services, and more.
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State legislators sound alarm on Floridians losing Medicaid coverage

Half of Floridians losing Medicaid coverage are 20 years or younger, and Democratic state legislators are calling for more to be done.
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The Epidemic of Loneliness

There is an epidemic of loneliness in our society that is causing significant health problems for individuals. We explore what to do increase social connections with the USF College of Public Health Activist Lab.

Christmas show 2022

The show began with an appeal to the those in desperate need at holiday time and may be suicidal. Reminded listeners of the suicide hotline 988. Asked callers to write in or call in birthdays...

An Episode of Pacifica Radio’s Project Censored Radio Show

An Episode of Pacifica Radio's Project Censored Radio Show

Tampa activists demand cleaner air rules from the EPA

Environmentalists rallied for clean air this morning in downtown Tampa. Their demand for less smog goes hand in hand with their call for reducing the rising rates of asthma in children. About twenty protesters gathered...

Climate change impacts public health.

Climate change affects the world in many ways, but one of the least discussed problems arises from its impact on public health. George Luber is the Associate Director for Climate Change for the National Center...

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