Black Nerds Matter: Walter Smith Jr.

Walter Smith Jr, an environmental engineer at the Sierra Club, explores his background coming from a notable HBCU, living in South Africa around Apartheid, and the importance of science to the Black community.
University of Tampa

A new study of massive stars at the University of Tampa

A University of Tampa professor and her students now have the opportunity to study massive stars using three telescopes far from campus.
Joseph Ladapo

GOP lawmakers confirm Florida’s controversial Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reappointment of Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo was confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate over objections from Democrats.
coronavirus vaccine COVID-19 vaccinatino

DeSantis seeks a grand jury probe into COVID-19 vaccines

Gov. Ron DeSantis asked the state Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury to investigate “wrongdoing in Florida” related to COVID-19 vaccines.

The Biggest Ideas In The Universe. Elton John @ 75.

Sean Carroll – The Biggest Ideas in the Universe The most trusted explainer of the most mind-boggling concepts pulls back the veil of mystery that has too long cloaked the most valuable building blocks of...

Pulitzer-winning staff writer for The Atlantic discusses his new book about animal senses

Ed Yong, Pulitzer-winning science writer for The Atlantic, discusses his new book exploring animal senses.

Bertha Vazquez, ScienceSaves education director, discusses why science literacy is vital to sustainability

Bertha Vazquez, ScieneSaves education director, discusses why science literacy is vital to sustainability
power plant / Seán Kinane/WMNF News

Florida bill could let nonscientific theories be taught in science classes

A new bill in the Florida Legislature could affect how science and other subjects are taught; well-established scientific concepts like evolution and human-caused climate change might have to be ‘balanced’ with ideas that haven’t withstood...

Real Life Zombies + An Absorbing Saga on Life Elsewhere

On Matt Simon’s website, there is a photo of him sitting next to someone dressed as a horse. The caption says, “I’m the one on the left. As great as it might seem to be...
chronic flood risk via Union of Concerned Scientists report on sea-level rise

1 million Florida homes at risk of chronic floods by 2100: UCS study

A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists says “within the next 30 years, roughly 64,000 homes in Florida … will be at risk” of chronic floods from sea-level rise. On WMNF’s MidPoint we...

The Misunderstood Affliction on Life Elsewhere

Julie Rehmeyer was so sick she sometimes couldn’t turn over in bed. The top specialists in the world were powerless to help, and scientific research on her disease was at a near standstill. She was...
USF Weatherbird marine science ship

St. Petersburg will March for Science on Saturday

This Saturday in Washington, D.C. is a national March for Science, and there are local marches as well; Sean spoke with two people helping out with the March for Science in St. Petersburg, Florida on Monday’s...

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