USF Tampa

The Tampa 5 USF Protesters

Two young USF activists, former employee Chrisley Carpio and student Gia Davila, along with 3 other student activists associated with Tampa Students for a Democratic Society, are now facing serious felony charges for protesting Gov....
Photo of Created Equal org at USF

Ohio anti-abortion group speaks out at USF

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS AHEAD, READER DISCRETION ADVISED In the field outside USF’s library on Tuesday, the orange signs read “ABORTION VICTIM PHOTOS AHEAD.” Handing out pamphlets and engaging students in conversation were activists calling for...
USF students stand with signs in support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community

Students, Deaf and Hard of Hearing community lead USF protest

Over 100 students and members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community rallied at the University of South Florida last week for support for the school’s Interpreter Training Program. Listen to the story here...

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