WMNF Goes Digital - HD Radio

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What on Earth is HD Radio?

HD means digital radio, instead of your regular AM/FM tuner.

If you’ve got an AM/FM radio, you can hear AM/FM stations.

If you’ve got an HD radio, you can hear even more stations – stations you can only hear with a digital radio. Including WMNF’s HD2 channel with USF’s Bulls Radio, a student-run college station playing all kinds of hip programs, and on HD3 The Source, WMNF's new channel featuring news, public affairs, and arts programming.

If you don't have an HD radio yet, you can still tune in on your phone, or your computer .

If you have a relatively new car, you may already have an HD radio. Try tuning to 88.5 and see if your display shows "HD1." If it does, use the Up button to Tune Up to the 88.5 HD2, HD3 and HD4 channels.

Or if you've got a smart phone and an Aux Jack in your car - you can tune in on your phone and listen through your car stereo.

Any questions about how to listen, you can email .

HD Radio

So if you’ve got an HD radio, you can hear the WMNF broadcast you’re used to hearing – plus you can hear completely different programs right next door, at 88.5-2 on your digital radio dial. HD radio folk say it’s like finding hidden stations on your dial – and it is. With an analog radio, you don’t know these other channels are there. With a digital radio, you can tune in.

Digital radio may sound a little crazy, but it already happened to TV this June – when television stations switched to digital and lots of stations added extra side-channels that broadcast different programs than their main channel airs. You have to have a digital converter box, or cable, to get TV channels now.

Radio isn’t a big change like that, but it’s happening. Before too long, every radio that’s made will have HD. Not that long ago, FM was a new thing that no one thought would catch on. Of course now you can’t buy a radio that doesn’t have FM.

The same thing has been happening with HD in the last few years, and WMNF is fortunate to be able to grow with this new technology – as one more way to bring great independent radio to you. On the FM band, WMNF would never be able to afford to buy another frequency in Tampa. We’d never be able to build a whole second (or third) radio station. Digital radio makes that kind of growing possible, and affordable.

It’s a whole new world on 88.5 now, with more than 24 hours a day.

How Do I Find an HD Radio?

It’s easy. You can get one by going through this link, and WMNF will receive a portion of your purchase. Or you can find one locally, at stores that sell radios. There are small portable models, HD for your car or rackmount stereo components – whatever your needs are.

You can also tune in during our fall fund drive, when we’ll be giving HD radios away as thank-you gifts.

Have Questions about Digital Radio?

Send us a note at . Or call 813-238-8001 during business hours.

Got an HD radio and have questions about listening or reception? Check out our HD Listening page for help.


New on 88.5-HD4: Hawk Radio

Hillsborough Community College’s Ybor City campus station can now be heard on 88.5 HD4 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays. Their Hawk Radio station has been hard to pick up in Tampa. But now it’s available throughout WMNF’s listening area, if you’ve got a digital radio.

Between 2 p.m.-8 a.m. and on the weekends, 88.5-4 will be playing a mix of eclectic WMNF music, plus occasional live HCC sports broadcasts.

Check out this local broadcast run by HCC students on WMNF 88.5-4 on a digital radio, or online at http://www.hawkradio.com . Student programmed content that can range from Sinatra to Rihanna. Watch for changes to the Hawk Radio calendar (coming soon).

What is The Source HD3?

The Source is our new digital channel, available on WMNF HD2 or online. The Source features great news, public affairs, and arts programming 24/7. Check out the schedule for more details.