Board Committees and Meetings

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A lot of the work at WMNF gets done by the efforts of the station’s committees.

Serving on a committee is a great way to learn how WMNF operates and how we make decisions. You can help make community happen.

All WMNF committee meetings are open to the public, with the exception of some Personnel issues covered by the Personnel committee. If you need to get in touch with the chair of a committee, email them or call our office at 813-238-8001. WMNF is located at 1210 E. Dr. MLK Jr Blvd, Tampa, 33603. We are ADA compliant.

To contact the WMNF board committees, please use the Contact WMNF form.

Volunteer Committee

Isha Del Valle, Chair

Meets the first Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m. to promote volunteering, encourage volunteer participation at the station, and to represent volunteers on various committees and on the Board of Directors.  Currently meeting on Zoom during the COVID19 health crisis.

Programming Committee

Randy Wynne, Program Director

Meets as announced

News & Public Affairs Committee

Rob Lorei, News & Public Affairs Director

Meets quarterly (as announced)

Standing Committees

Board of Directors

Will Greaves

Meets third Monday of each month, 7:15 pm at the station. Call 813-238-8001 to confirm time and location.
***The January meeting may be moved, as to not conflict with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holiday.***

Community Advisory Board

Nancy Cox-Johnson

Meets periodically to provide a community forum to monitor the station’s broadcasts and evaluate how WMNF is meeting the needs of the community at large.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Jennifer Meksraitis, Chair

Meets bi-monthly to ensure the representation of diverse cultures and perspectives throughout the station.

Development Committee

Matt Cuffaro, Chair

Meets the second Tuesday of the month WMNF unless otherwise notified (to organize the time, talents and treasures of the WMNF family to encourage financial support and ensure funds are available as the station grows.

Bylaws Committee

Letty Valdes, Chair

Meets as needed to codify and update all policies, employee manual, bylaws, governance documents, programmers agreement and any other official documents.

Finance & Audit Committee

Bob Ingham, Chair

Meets as needed to supervise and oversee the financial health of WMNF. Always meets prior to the full board meeting, starting at 6pm.

Nominating Committee

Nancy Cox-Johnson, Chair

Accepts nominations and applications for board service.

Technology Committee

Jack Timmel, Chair

Personnel Committee

Sandy Wismer, Chair

Long Range Planning Committee

Nancy Cox-Johnson, Chair

Please call the station at 813-238-8001 to confirm the day, date and time of any meeting you’re interested in attending.