How to Listen

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Listen Live

Website popup audio player

Just click “Listen Now” next to our logo in the top left of the page.

Listen in your player

Download to open the WMNF stream with your favorite audio player (we are changing things up on the Soul School and New Music streams, more to come!)

GET the WMNF app!! IOS & Android – New Version released 1/12/17

Tune-in to WMNF’s online streams, check out upcoming events and keep up with our news and public affairs coverage with the WMNF Player. Best of all, it’s free! If you have been having issues listening, the new version bypasses the issues, and there are playlists added. Please take the old version off your device and download the new one. We are truly sorry if it was a pain in the neck, but the new one is finally here!
Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play

Program schedules, archives, and playlists

For archives and playlists, go to the program schedule and click on the show you want to hear. We also have a schedule grid for The Source channel:


If you can’t listen live at the moment, check out our online archives – and try the live stream again after that. Democracy Now archives are available at
Need more help? Just ask.

Need a player? Here are some popular ones for Windows, Mac or Linux: