How to Listen

Listen Live

Popup Audio Player

Just click “Listen Now” up in the top right of your browser.

Listen in your player

Program schedules, archives and playlists

For archives and playlists go to the schedule and click on an individual show. Right now the Chrome browser seems to randomly drop audio, so until they release their new Canary browser, we suggest you use Firefox or another browser when listening to the archives.

iPhone / iPad

To listen on your iPhone, you’ll need a separate application; the stream links from won’t work.

Get the new WMNF Player! Tune in to WMNF’s online streams, check out upcoming events, and keep up with our news and public affairs coverage with the WMNF Player. Best of all, it’s free! You can find it in the app store here .

There are also several other internet radio applications available in the iTunes App Store. One good option is the Public Radio Tuner , which will let you listen to WMNF as well as many other public and community stations across the country.

Got Android?

You can listen to our live stream on Android phones via the TuneIn Player app.


If you can’t listen live at the moment, check out our online archives – and try the live stream again after that. Democracy Now archives are available at

Need more help? Just ask.

Need a player? Here are some popular ones: