1.24.22 The Healthy Steps Show. Dr. Fred Harvey discusses the role of the liver and detox

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On Monday, Jan. 24th, The Healthy Steps Show discussion topic will be the role of the liver in detoxification

Every day we are exposed to harmful chemicals. Our liver, kidneys, large intestine, lymphatic system and sweat glands work together to reduce the buildup of these chemicals. This process is called detoxification. Of these organ systems, the liver plays one of the largest roles. The liver performs hundreds of functions and is vital to most of our metabolic processes including the processing of nutrients and hormones as well as the elimination of metabolic waste products and environmental toxins.

Today, we will be exploring the fabulous liver and its role in detoxification. I welcome questions regarding liver toxicity and liver detox. Email questions to [email protected] during the show, Mondays 10-11am

Fred Harvey, MD