26 Essays On Walking. Vote For Our Planet.


Ways Of Walking – Edited by Ann de Forest

Ways of Walking brings together 26 writers who reflect on walks they have taken and what they have discovered along the way. Some walk across forbidden lines, violating laws to seek freedom. Some walk to bear witness to social injustice. Still others engage in a subtler subversion—violating the social norm of rapid, powered transportation to notice what fast travelers miss. Through walking, these authors become more attuned to the places they move across, more attentive to intricate ecologies and layered histories—and more connected to themselves as well. Their small steps of rebellion lead to unexpected discoveries. The volume includes writers of national renown such as Tom Zoellner, Ruth Knafo Setton, and Rahul Mehta, as well as contributors in other fields, from photography to music to archaeology. Ways Of Walking is meticulously edited by Ann de Forest, is a California native who has been living and writing in fairly happy exile in Philadelphia for more than three decades. An expert in the urban landscape and the resonance of place. Ann is a charming guest who delights in explaining her passion for walking and the 26 essays compiled in Ways Of Walking.

Robert Hunziker – Environmental Journalist

“Our planet cannot survive with another Trump presidency!” States Robert Hunziker angrily. Robert is not usually known to raise his voice or deliver an assertive rant. Typically, he speaks passionately, yet in such a low-key manner the listener is almost oblivious to the horrors of climate change Hunziker predicts. He uses lots of facts and figures and scientific-based warnings – an articulate  oracle of doom and gloom. In his regular contributions to outlets like CounterPunch and this program, Robert Hunziker consistently unveils his understanding of the truth behind climate change and who are the culprits. He is never lenient with his assertions and points fingers where he believes necessary. With the US general election looming ahead, Hunziker is not shy about making clear his concern that a misplaced vote could result in hideous, life-destroying consequences. Robert asserts “There is only one choice!”

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