Animating For Social Change

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On today’s Sustainable Living program we talked about a topic that directly relates to Community Conscious Radio and how we can encourage and up-lift our allies and supporters on behalf of our common mission by Animating for Social Change. Our very special guest on today’s show will be doing a free workshop for the Bridge Foundation this coming Saturday from 10AM to 4:30PM in Tampa. Dr. Cecilia Yocum is a certified psychodrama practitioner with 35 years of experience as a psychologist. She’s traveled to other countries to train facilitators at community trauma resiliency workshops with Friends Peace Teams. Also Cece has been active with an Alternatives to Violence program at Coleman Correctional Institution. She currently works with a Quaker youth group as a partner with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Earth Quaker Action Team. Also joining us was a representative for The Bridge Foundation. She’s been on their council since their beginning six years ago and is involved with the Tampa Bay Time Bank. Christina has also been traveling to Coleman Florida since 2002 for the Alternative to Violence program there. To attend the workshop you need to register at and it will be at the Metropolitan Community Church of Tampa 408 East Cayuga St Tampa 33603.