Tuesday is anniversary of George Floyd’s murder – we check in on mental health in the Black community

George Floyd rally sign

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Tuesday is the anniversary of the death of George Floyd. He was killed by police; one of the police officers has been found guilty of murder and manslaughter.

George Floyd’s death set off months of protests around the world against police violence and racism. On MidPoint we looked back at the one year since the death of George Floyd. That includes focusing on the WMNF mission calendar for the month of May, which is mental health awareness.

On the show we heard part of a recent forum by the ACLU of Florida that examined the state of mental health among Black Americans. It features Darnell Lamont Walker. He’s an award-winning writer, filmmaker, and artist. He is currently living between South Africa and North Georgia, and hitching himself around the globe, collecting stories and recipes to share. His first film, “Seeking Asylum,” explores safe spaces around the world for Black Americans seeking to escape American injustice. Next, Darnell created “Outside The House,” exploring mental health in the Black community and his latest, “Set Yourself on Fire,” a film about rape and sexual assault around the world. It is his goal to continue to develop and empower people and communities around the world.

Listen to the show here.

We also played part of a short radio program called “Reimagining a Better World.” The episode, called Reimagining Public Safety is about alternatives to policing, community organizing and community budgeting.

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