More than 40 Black Lives Matter demonstrators gather in Gulfport

Gulfport Black Lives Matter signs LGBT Stand Up Gulfport

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Peaceful demonstrations against racism and police violence happened all across the Tampa Bay area Monday from Ybor City to St. Petersburg to Dunedin and Largo.

In Gulfport, more than 40 people gathered at a park. Most of them wore masks and stood physically distant from one another. Many held posters.

Jennifer Webb is a Democratic State Legislator representing Gulfport and other parts of South Pinellas County.

“We’re in Clymer Park in Gulfport, Florida, right by Boca Ciega Bay. And we are preparing for a Black Lives Matter protest that was organized by Gulfport and by South St. Pete, in combination so that we can show solidarity.

“The history of our town is actually one that’s quite racist. This was a “sundown town.” And so I love that our residents here have reached across and brought in our community of color that we are right next to, Child’s Park, and the residents who live here who are families of color to show solidarity. And to say that Black lives do matter and that absolutely, now is the time for change.

“And ‘Eight Can’t Wait’ and we need civilian police review boards and we need meaningful reforms so that our black men feel safe.”


Watch the interview with Rep. Jennifer Webb:


Here’s video from the Ybor City demonstration: