A Business Owner Says Single Payer, Medicare For All Is the Answer to the Nation’s Health Insurance Crisis

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Radioactivity Wednesday 10 25 17. Welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity, I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up— a successful business owner in Pennsylvania is convinced that the answer to our health insurance problem is single payer — a Medicare for all system in the US. Later we’ll find out why a leading conservative is quitting the US Senate.

First up—a documentary film called FIX IT: Health Care At The Tipping Point came out last year. It makes the case for American business leaders to support healthcare reform that would include establishing a single payer health insurance system in the U.S.
The film was two years in the making, with more than forty voices advocating for reform, including: activists, health policy experts, economists, physicians, nurses, patients, business and labor leaders.
FIX IT takes an in-depth look into how our complex health care system is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians and negatively impacting the nation’s health, while remaining un-affordable for a third of our citizens.

Here’s the opening of the documentary.

That’s the opening of the film FIX IT produced by our first guest– Richard Master, the founder and owner of MCS Industries, a major American company that produces picture frames and decorative mirrors in eastern Pennsylvania. FMI: https://fixithealthcare.com/

He joins us live

Sen. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, with a near perfect conservative voting record from the American Conservative Union has announced he won’t run for re-election in 2018. In a speech yesterday on the Senate floor aimed at President Trump and his fellow Republican Party members, Flake criticized the “flagrant disregard of truth and decency” that he says is undermining American democracy.