Carbon set to be stored underground in Florida through new ‘carbon capture’ technology

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Carbon may soon be stored underground in Florida.

A South Korean company will store carbon underground in space and aerospace industrial complexes in Florida.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and the CEO of LowCarbon during the governor’s trip to South Korea in April. The CEO, Cheol Lee, was in Mulberry, Florida on Tuesday, and I interviewed him through a translator.

“Firstly our technology is called CCUS–that means carbon capture utilization and sequestration.”

Cheol Lee is in Florida to break ground on a plant that will create hydrogen fuel. The company says it’s the first plant of its kind in the region, and it’s located south of Lakeland. But I was interested in finding out more about their plans for carbon capture and storage in Florida.

“After the capturing, we make sequestration in the concrete.”

Global warming is linked to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon capture takes carbon dioxide out of the air, but it carries risks.

In 2021, over 500 international, US, and Canadian organizations sent an open letter to policymakers calling on them to “reject carbon capture and storage.” They said it does little to reduce pollution and creates more risks than benefits.

However, the Biden administration supported the efforts and announced over 250 million in funding for carbon capture in early May.