Talking elections and reproductive healthcare with Ashley Brundage and Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

On Aug. 20, voters in Hillsborough County will participate in a primary ahead of the general election in November. One of those races on the August ballot involves Democrats hoping to represent their party in...
Transgender flag

A judge rejects a law restricting treatment for transgender Floridians

The judge ruled the Florida law is unconstitutionally discriminatory and was motivated by “animus” toward transgender people.

New Rich Drive Florida Inflation, Far-right Politics

Patró Mabíli host another rip-roaring discussion. New, wealthy arrivals to Florida seek tax breaks and demand service which drive inflation. One company provides a kind of “Uber with guns” driving service. Also, Floridians push back...

Feds fire back against Florida and other states on a new Title IX gender rule

The Biden administration urges a judge to reject efforts by Florida and others to block a new federal rule about sex-based discrimination.
pronouns they them

An appeals court will consider Florida’s pronouns law in September

A federal appeals court will hear arguments over a 2023 Florida law to restrict educators’ use of personal pronouns and titles in schools.
LGBTQ pride

Gulfport raises the LGBTQ Pride flag; a Florida bill that died this year would have outlawed that

The city of Gulfport, Florida raised the Pride flag over its public library. A bill that died in the state Legislature would have outlawed it.

Amplifying Pride: The transformative power of music in the LGBTQ+ movement

Throughout history, music has served as an effective means for causing social change, giving a voice to the unheard, and strengthening bonds of solidarity among disadvantaged populations.

The Scoop: Tues. May 21th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

gun at Gibbs High School

Transgender Hillsborough teacher can use preferred pronouns, federal judge says

Listen: In April, a federal judge ruled that a transgender Hillsborough County teacher can use her preferred pronouns. The teacher considers this a win in a state that some may consider hostile to LGBTQ educators....

Sunshine Skyway sheds rainbow lights for red, white, and blue this Pride month

Listen: The Sunshine Skyway won’t light up in its usual rainbow colors for Pride month this year. This comes amid an FDOT rule that affect all state bridge lightings this summer. Since 2021 the Sunshine...
pronouns they them

Florida will appeal a judge’s ruling on a pronoun law

Florida filed a notice that it will appeal a court ruling that blocked enforcement of a law requiring a transgender teacher to use pronouns that align with her sex assigned at birth.
pronouns they them

Weekly Roundup: Pronouns and Pedagogy. A recap and analysis of the week in Florida government and politics

A federal judge said a Florida law restricting teachers’ use of their preferred pronouns violates the First Amendment.

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