Climate disasters create a real cost burden for Floridians

Joe Biden in Florida
President Joe Biden shakes hands with Hurricane Idalia survivors. By Josh Holton/WMNF News (2 September 2023).

During President Biden’s trip to Florida this weekend to survey the damage from hurricane Idalia, he said with storms and wildfires raging globally, it difficult to deny the climate crisis. In the area hit by the storm, the financial impacts from climate related disasters are very clear.

Hawaii, Vermont, Louisiana, and now Florida are among the states recently hit by natural disasters scientist say are made more severe by climate change. And without financial help, some displaced residents are staring down an immediate future without wages or housing. Rekem Ned is from Tampa, but drove to Live Oak, Florida to check on his mom.

“Yes, she’s okay, you know. A couple trees fell down, but you know nothing too major… How can we get some checks for all these families out here for all these trees, damage and everything like that?”

President Biden is requesting 4 billion dollars on top of a prior request of 12 billion dollars in supplemental funding for disaster assistance, money expected to help residents get housing as they wait for a return to normal life.

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