Connecting local farms to the community at Florida Farm Finder


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Kenny Coogan and Anni Ellis interviewed Jillian Childs on the January 10,2022 Sustainable Living Program on WMNF 88.5FM Tampa.
Jillian is the creator of Florida Farm Finder. During the start of Covid, she saw Facebook posts about farmers crops being dumped and individuals’ stories about struggling to get food. Jillian explained that with her extensive social media and event promotion experience, she was able to find those farmers and members of the community and match them together. She is working to bridging the gap between small farms and their clientele.
This is a needed service because most of the community, if not buying at a grocery store, are at a loss of where to source local produce. Locally, and nationwide, farmers are also struggling at selling their product. This is a way that connects the farmer and the consumer where they can talk with each other to get those needs met.
Jillian says that “There are already over 24,000 members that are finding their way together. It really is helpful to put you in touch with a farmer directly and buy the goods from them.” Jillian goes on to explain that there are pick ups arranged at convenient places. One unique option is to even to go to the farm locations and meet the farmer!
How to start? Just go to and you just type in your county. once you submit your location, the products available pop up and you can pursue it.
This website is also a great way to connect to local events. Check out the events tab by joining their Facebook page.
Anni Ellis says that “Jillian is doing a wonderful job of uniting people for the greatest good. Amazing what gems we can find in these crazy couple of years. I am grateful for people like this.”