David the Good Gardener on WMNF’s Sustainable Living Show

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we spent the hour with a truly obsessed foodie, David-the-Good. Goodman is a prolific author of books and articles on just about every topic related to food.  He has 30 plus years of passion for growing stuff, starting his first garden at 6 years old. We talked about container gardening, gardening tools, Seminole pumpkins, composting, his books; ‘Grow or Die’, ‘Compost Everything’, etc.  You can find David’s daily gardening tips and wisdom online at www.thesurvivalgardener.com. David also just accepted a challenge to produce 30 gardening videos in 30 days and you can watch his often hilarious episodes on YouTube – “David The Good.” You can listen back to the entire show here.