Should development pay for itself? A forum on the politics of growth in Florida

Tiger Bay Forum On Development By Sean Kinane WMNF

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Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith

Mariella Smith. By Seán Kinane, Jan. 2020.

How much development should there be in Florida, where should it occur and who should pay for the infrastructure?

On MidPoint we heard segments of a panel discussion on the topic of the politics of growth and the environment from this month at Tampa Tiger Bay Club.

There were four panelists: Democratic Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith, Realtor Andy Scaglione, ecologist Vivienne Handy, and Hillsborough School Board member Steve Cona, who is with the construction industry.

Listen to the show here.

There were two questions/responses that we didn’t get to hear on the show:

One question dealt with whether impact fees on developers were too low:

And the head of the county’s Environmental Protection Commission, Janet Daughtery asked about requiring developers to protect wetlands and provide conservation easements:


Watch the forum here:


Earlier in the show, we heard a comment left by a listener about the last show. On that program, we spoke with a teacher who was rallying in Tallahassee and from a Tampa woman who was visiting the U.S. / Mexico border in Texas to be a witness to the conditions faced by migrants and refugee seekers.