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True Talk is a global affairs talk radio show hosted by Samar Jarrah. The show focuses on the Middle East and the Muslim world. The show also discusses issues that Muslims face world wide, as well as for American Muslims who are seeking to live as peace-loving Americans in a nation that often has only seen stereotypical portrayals of Islam.

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  • This week on True Talk, Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah delve into the deep-seated concerns of Muslim and Arab American communities regarding President Biden's one-sided policies on Gaza. Despite Biden's critique of Islamophobic media portrayals, such as those in the Wall Street Journal calling Dearborn "Jihad Capital" and NY Times Thomas Friedman describing the Middle East via "The Animal Kingdom", there remains a significant gap between Biden's condemnation of media marginalization and any meaningful policy action. Dr. Mahal Hilal, from the Muslim Counterpublics Lab, joins us to dissect the implications of these narratives versus the administration's stance, emphasizing the critical need for justice and dignity. Tune into True Talk on WMNF for a thought-provoking conversation on the intersections of policy, media representation, and community advocacy.
  • In the latest episode of "True Talk," we hosted human rights attorney and activist Huwaida Arraf. Co-hosts Samar and Ahmed talked with Huwaida about South Africa's lawsuit against Israel, accusing it of genocide, and its implications at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The episode focused on the complaint, which Israel has promised to defend against at The Hague, and the potential for it to lead to a permanent ceasefire and accountability for Israel. We also addressed the recent tragic events in Gaza, where over 23,000 people have been killed since October 7th, almost half of which are children. Huwaida provided an in-depth analysis of the lawsuit at the ICJ, as well as her insights on the latest developments in Gaza. She also offered insight of President Biden's handling of the Gaza crisis, which many have called a genocide, and its impact on his re-election chances, particularly in key swing states. Her perspective brought a nuanced understanding of the current geopolitical situation and its influence on U.S. domestic politics.
  • This week, we delved deep into the heart of Gaza with Jason Shawwa, an American-born Palestinian who calls Gaza home. Joined by Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah, Jason shared his poignant story against the backdrop of the ongoing humanitarian pause between Israel and Hamas – a ceasefire that hangs on by a thread and could snap any moment. Jason laid bare the raw reality of life in Gaza, offering us an unfiltered glimpse into the days of Israeli occupation and the challenges faced under a full blockade – and that's all before October 7th. He illuminated the tough choices residents face daily, providing a perspective often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Our conversation with Jason unfolded during a humanitarian pause, a fragile peace between Israel and Hamas. While this ceasefire has seen a couple of extensions, it could and likely will collapse any moment Jason's decision to remain in Gaza reflects the resilience of its people. The ceasefire has provided a temporary break in a conflict that's claimed nearly 20,000 lives, with a heartbreaking 70% being women and children. Your Thoughts Matter: True Talk thrives on your feedback. If you have thoughts or questions about this episode, shoot us an email at truetalk at Replace "at" with @
  • Steve Sosebee is the founder of the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund an American charity dedicated to providing medical care to children in Palestine. Sosebee, talks about the crisis in Gaza and the efforts to keep people and children alive. In the 5th week of the Israeli assault on Gaza, the Washington Post and other media outlets are reporting that 1 out of 200 people in Gaza has been killed. More than 70% of those killed have been women and children. With Children making more than a third (some say as high as half) of the total killed. True Talk is a weekly show and podcast produced by NPR affiliate and Community radio station WMNF. You can email you comments to [trueTalk at] or visit
  • Florida House Rep. Angie Nixon  (Dem FL-13) speaks with Ahmed Bedier on why she introduced a ceasefire resolution calling to end the bombing of Gaza, where some 10,000 civilians, including 4000 children have been killed. She also discusses the avalanche of attacks and hateful accusation by Republican and Democratic colleagues.  The True Talk show is a weekly global affairs show produced by Tampa NPR affiliate and community radio station WMNF.
  • Israel has been bombing the Gaza strip non-stop for almost 4 weeks killing over 9000 civilians more than third of which are children and displacing over one million people. Israeli leaders say their goal is to eradicate Hamas for carrying out the October 7th attack that Israel says took the lives of 1400 in addition to over 200 hostages taken by Hamas. On this episode of True Talk Palestinian American journalist, author and Gaza native Laila el-Haddad, discusses the modern history of Gaza and how they are enduring what many are calling a genocide or new nakba.
  • Ahmed and Samar spoke with Susan Darraj and Laura Albast about the Palestine Writes Literature Festival, the largest Palestinian Literature Festival gathering in North America. Sadly, some Zionist organizations tried to shut the festival down. Susan and Laura explain what happened next. Listen to the show here
  • Samar spoke to American Arab novelist Aisha Abdel Gawad about her new novel Between Two Moon. Set in the Arab immigrant enclave of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, following three siblings coming of age over the course of one Ramadan. Watch the interview: Listen to this show:        
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