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True Talk is a global affairs talk radio show hosted by Samar Jarrah. The show focuses on the Middle East and the Muslim world. The show also discusses issues that Muslims face world wide, as well as for American Muslims who are seeking to live as peace-loving Americans in a nation that often has only seen stereotypical portrayals of Islam.

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  • On this week’s episode of TrueTalk, Samar and Ahmed talk to Jewish author and anthropologist Maura Finkelstein, who wrote an article about Zionism, titled “Don’t be fooled – Biden is the real antisemite”. In her article, Finkelstein criticizes President Joe Biden's stance on antisemitism, arguing that his support is limited to Zionist Jews while marginalizing anti-Zionist Jews. Finkelstein contends that Biden conflates Judaism with Zionism to silence dissent against Israel's policies, accusing him of upholding white supremacist and colonialist agendas. She highlights her personal experiences of professional repercussions due to her anti-Zionist views and underscores the need to differentiate between antisemitism and legitimate political critique of Israel.
  • Samar and Ahmed discuss the Gaza solidarity encampment movement that has spread across the country with Georgetown PhD candidate Samar Saeed, who is on the ground at the encampment in George Washington University and Victoria Hinkley who was suspended by the University of South Florida for protesting the genocide in Gaza
  • We discusse the intricate dynamics between the NSA, software company Palantir, Israel, and Gaza, and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in surveillance and military operations. He sheds light on how Palantir, a data analytics company, has been involved in providing its technology to the NSA for surveillance purposes, particularly in the context of conflicts such as the one between Israel and Gaza.
  • Professor Zunes delves into a deep and thoughtful analysis of the ongoing genocide in Palestine and its broader implications.
  • In this compelling episode of True Talk, host Ahmed Bedier speaks with two Tampa Bay area women standing up to help Gaza in their own unique ways. They represent a part of the growing national community of Americans standing with Palestine and opposing Israel's occupation and genocide in Gaza. First, we hear from Rana Mahmoud, a nurse who recently spent two weeks in Gaza on a medical mission, providing urgent care under the most dire conditions. Following Rana, Megan Amer shares her story; she is a political activist working in the Tampa Bay area to rally support for Palestine, aiming to secure a ceasefire and bring attention to the humanitarian crisis. Rana's eyewitness testimony sheds light on the harsh realities faced by those living in Gaza amidst the conflict, including the dire scarcity of medical supplies and the critical need for chronic disease medication, wound care, and comprehensive support for the countless injured. Her account is a poignant reminder of the human toll of the conflict and the urgent need for international attention and aid. Megan's activism highlights the importance of community mobilization and political pressure in bringing about change. Through her efforts, she exemplifies how individuals can use their voices and resources to advocate for justice and peace, reinforcing the idea that support for Palestine and Gaza is diverse and comes in many forms.
  • In this week's episode of "TrueTalk," we delve into a conversation that, while from 2020, resonates profoundly with the current war on Gaza. Our host Samar engages with Egyptian author Khaled El Guindy, shedding light on his seminal work, "The Blind Spot: America and the Palestinians, from Balfour to Trump." Guindy, who moved to the U.S. at a young age, channels his deep-rooted interest in Middle East politics into a critical examination of the Palestinian issue.
  • This week's episode is a little different – and by different, we mean you can absolutely skip it unless you love listening to us chat about money (yes, it's our fundraising drive episode). We're taking a brief detour from our usual deep dives and insightful discussions to focus on something just as important but not nearly as exciting: keeping the lights on at Tampa NPR affiliate and community radio station WMNF, our beloved host station.
  • This week on True Talk, Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah delve into the deep-seated concerns of Muslim and Arab American communities regarding President Biden's one-sided policies on Gaza. Despite Biden's critique of Islamophobic media portrayals, such as those in the Wall Street Journal calling Dearborn "Jihad Capital" and NY Times Thomas Friedman describing the Middle East via "The Animal Kingdom", there remains a significant gap between Biden's condemnation of media marginalization and any meaningful policy action. Dr. Mahal Hilal, from the Muslim Counterpublics Lab, joins us to dissect the implications of these narratives versus the administration's stance, emphasizing the critical need for justice and dignity. Tune into True Talk on WMNF for a thought-provoking conversation on the intersections of policy, media representation, and community advocacy.
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