American Data Companies and the War on Gaza – A discussion with James Bamford


In this week’s episode of  True Talk we delve into an essential topic that should be at
the forefront of discussions surrounding the current war on Gaza. Our host Samar sits
with author, journalist, and documentary producer James Bamford to discuss his piece
for The Nation, titled “How US Intelligence and an American Company Feed Israel’s
Killing Machine in Gaza”. Bamford discusses the intricate dynamics between the NSA,
software company Palantir, Israel, and Gaza, and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in
surveillance and military operations. He sheds light on how Palantir, a data analytics
company, has been involved in providing its technology to the NSA for surveillance
purposes, particularly in the context of conflicts such as the one between Israel and
Bamford delves into the ethical implications of using AI in surveillance and military
contexts, particularly in situations where civilian lives are at stake. He explores how the
integration of AI technology into surveillance systems can lead to the collection of vast
amounts of data, raising concerns about privacy and human rights violations.
In the case of Israel, Bamford highlights the collaboration between Palantir and the
Israeli military, emphasizing the impact of such partnerships on the ongoing conflict in
Gaza, and the potential consequences of deploying AI-driven surveillance technologies
in conflict zones, including the exacerbation of violence and the infringement of
individuals’ rights.


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