Florida bill could punish people who use AI to paint others in a ‘false light’

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A House Republican this week filed a proposal that could lead to liability for people who use artificial intelligence to place other people in a “false light.”

Rep. Alex Andrade, R-Pensacola, filed the bill (HB 757) for consideration during the 2024 legislative session, which will start Jan. 9.

Under it, people could be subject to liability if they use artificial intelligence to “create or edit any form of media so that it attributes something false to or leads a reasonable viewer to believe something false about another person.”

What is presented in a false light would have to be “highly offensive to a reasonable person,” and the creator would have to have “knowledge of or acted in reckless disregard as to the false implications of the media,” according to the bill.

The bill also would make changes to state defamation laws. In part, it could help public figures in defamation lawsuits related to information from anonymous sources.

“If a public figure plaintiff can establish that a published statement is false and that the publisher relied on an anonymous source for the statement, there is a rebuttable presumption that the publisher acted with actual malice in publishing the statement,” the bill says.

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