Florida This Week talks congressional redistricting, Alan Grayson’s Senate Run, and Donald Trump’s Stance on Immigration

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We listen to last Friday’s episode of Florida this Week, a political discussion show moderated by Radioactivity host Rob Lorei. This week’s discussion centers on a major decision by the Florida Supreme Court ordering legislatures to redraw 8 congressional districts, including two districts in the local area. The ruling held that current district boundaries violate a voter-approved constitutional amendment that says districts cannot be drawn to partisan benefits. Lawmakers have 100 days to re-draw the congressional map, potentially shifting the state’s political landscape. The Panel also discusses Democrat Alan Grayson’s run for Marco Rubio’s senate seat, and Donald Trump’s controversial remarks on Mexican immigrants and Jeb Bush.

Panelists include:

Alex Sink (D) – Former State Chief Financial Officer

Chris Ingram (R) – Political consultant and commentator for Bay News 9

Adam Smith – Political Editor for The Tampa Bay Times

William March – Political Columnist for The Tampa Bay Times and La Gaceta