Freedom Summer – 50 Years After and Nikki Giovanni Reflects on Civil Rights History

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Freedom Summer – 50 Years After… Activists Head to Mississippi

It might have taken months for the message to spread through the land, but it has taken years – and it will continue to take years for that truth in our heart to be lived in our daily deeds. History does not give meaning to those truths, people do. People lived and died to give meaning to that dream – and Mississippi in the summer of 1964 perhaps tested that dream more than any other time. GWENDOLYN ZOHARAH SIMMONS, a young college student, was the director of the Laurel Project in Mississippi in 1964. She will recount that time and we will see, we will live with a person who lives the dream.

And in this time when the challenge to freedom continues in every area, it is good to be reminded no one can give us freedom, but there are some who will try to take it away. We will also talk about the status of VOTING RIGHTS TODAY based on the Brennan Center recent report.

Nikki Giovanni Reflects on Civil Rights History

NIKKI GIOVANNI will share some of her insights from the Civil Rights era. If you missed the interview with Nikki Giovanni on Juneteenth, you can listen to the archives.