From a Woman’s Point of View Discusses Shell’s withdrawal from Arctic 10/1

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Sometimes the people win……..

Who would have thought that all the kayakers, activists rappelling from the bridge and the thousands of other protesting Shell and its efforts to drill in the arctic would have proved successful? 

SHELL WITHDREW!  …too much trouble and not enough profit.  Though I think lack of profitability might have been the biggest factor, all of those “mosquitoes” must have had an effect.

On tomorrow’s show, Hannah McKinnon from Oil Change International will discuss what happened, and even more importantly, some factors we need to be aware of for the upcoming Environmental Summit in Paris (COP 21).  People need to win this one.  The earth needs us and we need the earth!

We will also have  acclaimed author of 20 novels, Sara Paretsky,who will discuss V.I.’s latest adventures and some underlying social facts touched on in her new novel Brush Back.

You definitely don’t want to miss Thursday, October 1st  show at 10 am!