From a Woman’s POV discusses fracking in Florida and Medea Benjamin shares stories of Gaza

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NO to Fracking in Florida… and elsewhere…!!!!!

Oh, yes! Perhaps not the hydraulic fracking that we have covered on this show and you have seen in the press. This is acid or chemical fracking. The oil is in the limestone, just dissolve the limestone – you get the rest…. PATTY WHITEHEAD, co-director of Preserve Our Paradise, will discuss this issue.

SHILPA JOSHI, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Maryland Field Organizer will tell us about their fight to stop the liquid natural gas compressor that they want to build at Cove Point, Maryland. Sunday and Monday more than 1,000 people marched to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in protest. Sandra Steingraber was a keynote speaker and said, “We are not willing to blow up the bedrock of our nation in order to extract the fossil fuel called methane that will, in turn, blow up our climate. More on her speech here.

Medea Benjamin on the plight of the people of Gaza

MEDEA BENJAMIN of Code Pink will update us on the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. One thing we can depend on, in an asymmetrical military conflict, the military powers involved will use their “newest and best toys.” We saw that with depleted uranium in the two Iraqi wars. Now the United States Air Force and Israel have developed DIME weaponry. Phosphorous has been replaced by tungsten which has far more explosive force and much higher temperatures than phosphorous – and unfortunately it is carcinogenic. The purpose of developing it is that it has a smaller range than phosphorous. A Norwegian physician, Dr. Mads Gilbert, who has been treating the injured in Gaza, said the injuries are horrific.