Green Party to hold annual meeting in Tampa, and ACLU official calls for investigation into profiling by Tampa Police.

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Today we talk with Chris Eiler and Rich Carpenter from the Green Party of Florida, a progressive political party whose platform is based on social justice, environmentalism, and grassroots organization. The party has been active in the state for over 15 years, having, most notably, backed Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential run. They will be convening at several locations through out Tampa over the weekend, as part of their annual membership meeting.

Then we speak with Joyce Hamilton Henry, Director of Advocacy at the ACLU Florida, regarding an April story by the Tampa Bay Times reporting that Tampa Police have been disproportionately targeting black residents with bicycle citations. According to the times, 80% of bicycle tickets issued within Tampa over the last dozen years have been given to African-Americans. The ACLU and other civil rights organizations have called for the police department to stop profiling black neighborhoods until an investigation by the Federal Department of Justice has been completed.