Growing power of electric utilities over PSC and Restoring damage caused by Deepwater Horizon

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Radioactivity discusses the growing power of electric utilities over the body that sets electric rates in the state. The show also goes back to September 19, 2010 when the Deepwater Horizon well was officially capped. Rob Lorei discusses efforts to restore the damage caused by the disaster with Janet Bowman, Director of State Legislative Policy, The Nature Conservancy in Florida. Janet Bowman is the Director of State Legislative Policy for The Nature Conservancy in Florida and in that capacity she directs state advocacy and policy initiatives, including the state engagement with
the Gulf of Mexico. Janet has been with the Conservancy for 8 years and has extensive background in environmental law and coastal policy.

Yesterday Governor Rick Scott appointed two members to the Florida Public Service Commission. The Governor appointed a new member- a state legislator who has a weak record on the environment and re-appointed a current member of the PSC- who previously voted in favor of charging customers for nuclear power plants that might never be built. In recent years the Public Service Commission has gained a reputation for being anti-consumer. Rob speaks with former state Senator Nancy Argenziano who was appointed to the Public Service Commission by Charlie Crist in 2007. She stepped down in 2010. Rob asked her about the relationship between the PSC, consumers and utility companies.