“Informants” Al Jazeera Documentary -part 2

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Today on the Last Call Warren Elly, hosts a follow-up on last week’s broadcast about the new Al Jazeera Documentary “INFORMANTS”, tracing the use of undercover informants to bring domestic terror cases against Muslim-Americans. The reporter, Trevor Aaronson, says the government is using compromised informants to go after vulnerable people who may never have done anything had they not been targeted and led by federal under covers. Aaronson says that’s what happened to Sami Osmakac, now awaiting sentencing on terrorism convictions after an FBI undercover provided the guns and bombs the government says Osmakac wanted to use in bombings and hostage takings in Tampa.

There is, of course, another side to this story, and Warren asks retired FBI Counter Terror agent and Profiler Joe Navarro to help us explore this issue and a number of others today.