Making our living spaces greener

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First on today’s WMNF Sustainable Living Program we talked about a Permaculture related court case that’s coming up in St Petersburg on August 8th. Jungle Jay and Loretta Buckner joined the show to talk about this home owner vs. code enforcement issue. Then we spent the rest of the program talking about making our living spaces greener and more efficient. One of our guests was the chair of the USGBC (US Green Building Council) local chapter, Lacey Willard. She’s the Associate Director for Recovery & Restructuring Services in Florida, member of the Florida Bar and graduate of Stetson University College of Law. Also joining the show was another member of the board of the USGBC, Sean Williams. He’s a professional architect with 10+ years experience with LEED Sustainable Design and Biomimicry principles. Sean is the principal of OT+9 Design, an architectural design studio located in St. Petersburg, and a graduate of the University of Florida. We talked about Programmable thermostats, insulation, attic space, shading, windows, phantom loads, roofing materials, and more.