Medical Marijuana in the Work Place

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Today on the Last Call, host Warren Elly discusses Medical Marijuana in Florida.
The decision is up to the voters come November and if approved by the required 60 percent, some predict there will be near a half million patients.

So-called “ganjapreneurs” are flocking to the state dreaming of millions in profits. “It looks like a bunch of cockroaches that just got sprayed by raid; they’re spinning around going nowhere fast. ” says Medical Marijuana backer John Morgan. Morgan told the Tampa Tribune, “There’s a lot of people who think this is their way to get out of their coat and tie and walk around in their Jimmy Buffet outfit all day long”.

While early on approval of the medical marijuana amendment seemed likely, the PRO campaign is just getting started, with the Tribune reporting supporters raising over 6 million.

The opposition lead by Attorney General Pam Bondi, and bankrolled by among others, Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adleson, says its shooting for over 10 million.

Warren Elly welcomes Sarah Reiner, an attorney whose specialties include employment law.