MidPoint for Thursday, October 1 with David Dayen and Vicki Shabo

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Public policies announced by some of our presidential candidates were the topic of discussion on the program.

WMNF spoke with David Dayen about breaking down the recent Wall Street Journal report that Bernie Sanders spending plans if elected president would amount to over $18 trillion. In a recent piece in The Intercept,Dayen tears apart that analysis.  We also spoke to the Salon contributor about what John Boehner’s upcoming departure means for passing the Trans Pacific Partnership, as as his breakdowns on Donald Trump and Jeb Bush’s tax plans.

Also we discussed family leave policies.

Last Friday in Washington, GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio became the first Republican on the campaign trail to announce a plan for paid family leave. Critics noted that only called for employers to voluntarily offer at least four weeks of paid family leave by offering them tax credits.

On the program to discuss this plan and the FAMILY Act was Vicki Shabo, Vice President with the National Partnership for Women & Families. Bernie Sanders has endorsed the FAMILY Act, while Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley have also spoke in general terms of supporting it.