MidPoint for Thursday, April 4 – Planned Parenthood’s Barbara Zdravecky

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It hasn’t been an easy year at all for Planned Parenthood.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott last month ordered an investigation of Planned Parenthood clinics in the state following an antiabortion group’s release of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the procurement of fetal tissue for research following abortions.

Several states and members of Congress launched investigations, and Republicans have called for a stop to federal funds for Planned Parenthood. The organization has said the videos show no illegal actions or wrongdoing and have said they are the subject of a smear campaign by antiabortion activists.

The Planned Parenthood clinics were found to have done nothing wrong, but the Legislature did just pass a controversial anti-abortion law that would prevent abortion clinics from receiving state money for services like cancer screenings and require their doctors to have privileges at a nearby hospital.

Joining us to speak about this and other issues is Barbra Zdravecky, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.