MidPoint: Why Are My Electric Bills So High??

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We are close to Halloween so let us reveal the horrifying, scary secrets of why your energy and utility costs are creeping up so high in Florida. Listen to a spirited discussion about the monopolistic Florida utilities that are behind that nightmare. We reveal the spooky, devilish power companies and characters who haunt and hex our politics with “ghost” candidates who run for election only to advantage certain State legislative candidates who want to keep your electric bills so high. We explain the bribery, cheating, and scamming that news reports have alleged and prosecutors have charged that the utilities have undertaken to keep their outsize influence in Tallahassee and their profits soaring for their stockholders. We know where the political “bodies” are buried, and we’ll tell you what you can do about it! Long-time local Florida environmental activist, lobbyist, and clean energy consultant Susan Glickman, Dir. Clinicians for Climate Action joined Shelley on MidPoint for a program that’ll make you want to SCREEEEEAM!