New political books at Tiger Bay Club

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The Tiger Bay Club of Tampa met today, showcasing two new books that are concerned with the lapse of integrity in today’s political system. Former State Senator Robert McKnight and Bill Williams introduced their latest books at the presentation.

McKnight was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1974. He was reelected to the House in 1976, and defeated two state senators to win a four-year term in the Florida Senate in 1978. McKnight talked about many people and events that influenced Florida politics throughout those two decades. McKnight introduced his new book, The Golden Years…The Florida Legislature in the 70’s and 80’s. He spoke about how the congressional response to a 1947 flood changed Florida’s landscape.

McKnight explained how the implementation of canal systems led to the development of South Florida.

A major political issue addressed in The Golden Years is the question of whether a combination of single-member districts and term limits may have contributed to the lack of legislators who were typical of those who served during those years.

McKnight mentioned the response minorities may have with overlapping districts.

Bill Williams founded People’s Coalition for Justice, which intends to shorten the longevity of death row inmates. They oppose the idea that an inmate can remain on death row 18-20 years or more after being given the death penalty.

Williams has written a book called The Anti Worm Candidate. In it he encourages hopeful political office holders to sign a pledge. Candidates would be subject to recall if they acted against campaign promises.

Williams is discontent with the fact that in order to vote against a candidate, the voter must vote for another candidate.

Candidates who overextend their incumbency while campaigning for new political offices lack integrity, according to Williams.

The Tiger Bay Club is Hillsborough County’s Bipartisan Political Club. It meets again November 20th at The Tampa Bay Performing Art Center’s Maestro’s.

Tiger Bay Club of Tampa