Could new voter ID laws impact Wisconsin’s primary?

Bernie Sanders in Kissimmee, Florida. By Seán Kinane

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The Republican and Democratic presidential preference primaries are Tuesday in Wisconsin; the state could boost the chances of candidates challenging front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. On MidPoint we spoke with Molly Stentz – she’s News and Public Affairs Facilitator at WORT, the Community Radio station in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has new laws that might make it more difficult for people to vote. Including new voter ID requirements that have changed since the last presidential election.

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The hours of early voting have also changed and that may have led to long lines during early voting.

The latest polls show a close race. Several show Sanders leading Clinton by a point or two. Also Ted Cruz leads Trump by single digits. All the candidates have campaigned across Wisconsin this week and there has been a difference in enthusiasm levels between the candidates.

We also heard sound clips of Hillary Clinton talking about education at Wisconsin Democratic Party fundraiser on Saturday. and Bernie Sanders at the same event taking shots at Governor Scott Walker for suppressing the vote.