The Phenomena Of Trump & The Tweets Of Mr. Hill on Life Elsewhere

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2017 has been an incredible year.

Even without Trump, 2017 will long be remembered for more tragedy than should ever be possible in just twelve months. Natural and manmade disasters competed for headlines. But, it was Donald J. Trump who continued to dominate, no matter if it were another gun massacre, a deadly hurricane, a terrorist attack, a fatal train derailment or a raging wildfire.

The phenomena of Trump remained the talking point for any and every news story. During the past year, we here at Life Elsewhere have felt almost obligated to build a show on one aspect or another of Trump’s irascible behavior. Taking an alternate view of  Trump has always been our main objective, even long before he moved into the White House, we produced a show titled, A Caricature For President.

Yet, in all the shows we built around the anomaly that is Trump, there has been the nagging sense of despair. Our learned guests from authors to professors, from artists to comedians, each and every one has expressed despondency. These feelings have been aired perfectly throughout the last year,  by Life Elsewhere contributor, Dave Hill with his sardonic Tweets.

So, as we come to the last show of 2017, we decided upon a cozy fireside chat with the savvy comedian, author, musician and actor. On stage, Dave Hill presents as hilarious, and deadpan, while in the confines of an intimate interview he shows a serious and deeply thoughtful side, especially when talking about Trump and his cohorts. But when Dave talks about his music, the man’s lighter side bubbles up. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, Norman B chats with Dave Hill about the intent of his Tweets, his take on comedy now, the future and his bands, Painted Doll and Valley Lodge.


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