Police will use “Dedrone” tech to protect St. Petersburg Grand Prix from drones

dedrone tower St. Petersburg Police Grand Prix of St. Petersburg drone

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Police will use drone detection technology as part of security for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. According to a media release, the St. Pete Police Department is the first agency to partner with a mobile drone detection technology company called Dedrone.

Why the concern about drones at St. Petersburg Grand Prix?

Even though the race track is a no-fly zone for drones, there is still the possibility that a drone could penetrate the security perimeter. If a drone falls onto the track, it would “pose a deadly hazard to the racecars traveling at high speeds.”

How does Dedrone work?

According to St. Pete Police, “Dedrone detects, identifies, and locates nearly 300 different drone types. It pinpoints the drone, the camera shows if it’s carrying a suspicious load, and it also pinpoints the location of the pilot. It is already in use around the world at venues including airports, stadiums, and prisons, etc. What’s different about the device at the Grand Prix, is that it is portable. This is Dedrone’s first portable/mobile detection unit.”

What other security measures are in place?

The St. Pete Police press release says other security measures include:

On-site Event Control to address issues quickly.
Four camera trailers and Skywatch monitoring the race site.
St. Petersburg PD Marine Unit and U.S. Coast Guard monitoring the waterways near the track.
Venue is swept every day with Bomb dogs and EOD (Explosive Ordinance
Disposal) teams and every vehicle accessing the venue is checked.
Assisting agencies include: FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, FHP Hazardous Materials Team, 48th Civil Support WMD Unit, Unites States Coast Guard, FDLE, and Tampa PD.

– St. Petersburg Police press release 25 February 2022.

Police provided two videos about the Dedrone technology: